All nursing procedures are designed to be especially sensitive to a patient's desire for rest and privacy. As soon as you are ready, our nurses will take the time to explain what you need to do in order to care for yourself once you return home.

For most of our patients, the entire stay at Salinas Surgery Center, including surgery and recovery, is between three and four hours. Of course, every patient and procedure is unique.

This kind of care is best delivered in a small, highly specialized setting. Salinas Surgery Center is such a place. Every aspect of our facility has been designed with the patient - whether an adult or a child - in mind. We understand that patients deserve to be treated with respect and compassion. That is why we do everything possible to make your stay at our surgery center personal, uncomplicated, and convenient. And because we are a private facility, which performs only planned elective surgery, you can expect that there will be an absolute minimum of unnecessary delays.

Salinas Surgery Center cares for the essentially healthy patient

Except for the condition that necessitates surgery, our patients are essentially healthy - that is, they are considered by their doctors to be in relatively good cardiac and respiratory health. As a direct result, the possibility of exposure to infectious diseases is greatly reduced, and our patients do not experience the added stresses that occur when cared for alongside the seriously ill.

"We believe that our staff is our greatest strength. All are well experienced in the specific care our patients need."

Each of our operating suites is state of the art. Salinas Surgery Center is devoted to supporting your surgeon with the most advanced medical technology available today. These facilities are complimented by a pre-operative patient care center and a post-anesthesia care unit.

The overall feeling at Salinas Surgery Center is positive. It's carefully designed interior - soft decorative colors, interesting art work, quality furniture, and soothing lighting - has been selected to make you feel as relaxed as possible. A charming and spacious waiting area with refreshments and reading materials has also been provided so that family members or your special friend can wait in comfort .

surgeon and nurse during surgery
A Surgeon and Surgical Nurse during operation

  • Uninsured and/or cash patients will be asked to pay for services on or before the admission date unless other arrangements are made.
  • Patients with verified insurance will be asked to pay their portion ONLY on or before the day of surgery.
  • Mastercard and VISA are accepted.
  • Salinas Surgery Center will bill your insurance as courtesy, however, the balance due is the patient's responsibility, and payment will be requested from you unless your insurance company pays within 60 days.
  • Salinas Surgery Center recognizes its obligation to remain flexible in financial matters. In the event that any of the above statements cannot be met, we will attempt to make other financial arrangements. These arrangements must be made prior to admission and must be approved by the administrator.

  • surgeon, nurses, and anesthesiologist during surgery
    A highly skilled team of Surgeons and Nurses will perform your operation at Salinas Surgery Center

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